Good Manners in A Ritual Prayer (Adab Al-Salat)

Adab is the singular form of Aadaab, which means refined traits. Fulfilling the Adab al-Salat, that is, the good manners in a ritual prayer, helps us to perform a prayer in peace. Some of the Adabs of the ritual prayer are:

While in the standing position, looking at the place of prostration, and in the bowing position, looking at the feet, looking at the knees when sitting, and looking at the shoulders while reciting the salutation (as-Salaam).

Reciting the Glorification of Allah (al-Tasbih) in bowing (al-Ruku) and prostration (al-Sajdah) more than three times.

One should not forget that he is in front of God when praying.

An Islamic scholar was asked: “How can one achieve awe and derive pleasure from the performance of a prayer?” He answered:

1- By ensuring that what he eats is earned by honest work,

2- being alert while taking ablution,

3- realizing that he is about to be in front of God,

4- thinking that he is now in front of God when taking the Takbir al-Iftitah and keeping that in mind throughout the prayer,

5- never forgetting that God is with us even when we are not praying and realizing that He sees us all.

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