How to Make Our Child Love Salah

After prayer, don't get up from the prayer rug immediately. Take your child with you and pray together. Create meaningful Turkish prayer texts and repeat them with your child. I have two nephews. When I tell them to pray after the prayer, they start reciting what I taught them like nightingales. Things that are repeated frequently in the tongue settle easily in the heart. Just like dhikr.

We all look forward to weekends. We wish for a holiday to spend quality time with our spouse and child, to have a picnic. In these times, hold your child's hand and take them to the mosque.

Tell them a week in advance that you will take them to the mosque on the weekend. Present this as a reward throughout the week. Praise and encourage them by saying, "My son has become a big boy. We will go to the mosque together."

To get your child closer to prayer and Islamic values, invite them to go shopping for a gift. If you're a father, let them choose a gift for their mother; if you're a mother, let them choose a gift for their father, such as a prayer bead, headscarf, nice scent, miswak, or prayer rug. Allow your child to present the gift. The person receiving the gift should use the gift visibly. With these approaches, you will make your child inclined towards Islamic values.

Utilize tools created for the development of Islamic thought and morals. Make use of hymns, prayers, and prayer activities. Strive to make your child the subject of the event you participate in. These efforts not only help the people who generate new ideas and services but also help us raise generations with correct intellectual and practical aspects.

In this regard, attend Islamic events in your city. Attend conferences on prayer whenever you have the opportunity. For example, participate in the "Prayer Flowers Campaign" on our website. As you participate, these services will continue.

Many of the services I mentioned above are free.

Most importantly, if you pay attention to your prayers at home, this good behavior will somehow reflect on your child. But if the understanding of "It's too late for me, at least my children should pray" prevails, sorry, this matter is a bit difficult.

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