Friday Prayer (Salat al juma)

Friday, is a religious festival for the Muslims. In this holy day, the Muslims gather at the mosques. They listen to the khutbas. Then, they either do their usual works or pay visits.

In a hadith, Hz. Muhammad orders, "The most propitious day the sun rises on is Friday. Adam (r.a) was put on the Heaven at that day, was taken out of it at that day. The doomsday will be Friday". All these events bear in itself many goods and wisdom.

Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v) at the time of his migration read his first khutba and had the first Friday Salad performed by the Muslims at "Ranuna valley" in "Salim Ibni Avf" territories near Medina.

The time for Friday prayer (Salat al juma) is the time for noon salat. Athan is read at the minarets of the mosques. As the same for noon salat, 4 rakat salat is performed as the sunnah of the Friday Salat. Then, an interior ezan is read in the mosque. A khutba is read on the pulpit. After the khutba, the fardh of the Friday pray is performed by reading the fatiha and the verses aloud. After fardh salat, like the first sunnahh salat which is 4 rakats, the last sunnah of the salat is performed. Then, the salat called "duhr-u ahir" which is 4 rakats is performed. This last noon salat is performed like a normal noon salat, but reading verses after fatiha at each rakat is better. Then, as the sunnah of the time, like the sunnah of morning pray, 2 rakats are performed.

2 rakats of Friday pray is a religious duty for the people that bear the necessary conditions. Friday pray has 12 conditions other than normal salats, 6 of them are related with the conditions for the pray to be performed and 6 of them are related to the performance of the pray.

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