Benefits of Wudhu (Ablution)

Ablution prepares us for worship

We prepare ourselves for most of the acts of worship such as performing the ritual prayer or reading the Holy Quran by making ablution first. Through ablution, we appear in front of God purified and try to gain His love and good pleasure.

Ablution purifies us.

As mentioned already, our hands, arms, mouth, nose, face, and feet are the parts of our body that get dirty the most during our daily lives. By making ablution, we clean these parts of our body numerous times daily. We thus purify ourselves from germs and protect ourselves from diseases that filth and dirt can cause. We experience the energy, joy, and peace that being clean brings. Mouth hygiene is also very important in terms of our health. That is because the mouth is one of the places that germs easily populate. By washing our mouth thoroughly in each ablution, we ensure that our mouth stays clean throughout the day. We prevent germs from taking shelter in our mouth. We also would not bother others with bad breath.

Ablution soothes our circulatory and nervous systems.

We must pay attention to our circulatory and nervous systems for a healthy life. Ablution ensures that we wash parts of our body with clean water, which makes it easier for our circulatory and nervous systems to work properly. For this reason, we become healthier.

Ablution beautifies our face.

Making ablution also causes the blood vessels in our face to work better, and prevents wrinkles. For his reason, the faces of those who make ablution and pray become bright and shiny. Our beloved Prophet said that on the Day of Judgment, he will recognize us from the sign of ablution on our faces. Ablution provides brightness to our faces and peace to our hearts.

Ablution purifies our heart from wrongdoings

We remember God each time we make ablution. We get further away from Satan, and become friends with angels. Thus, ablution protects us from wrongdoings. It purifies our heart from evil feelings and thoughts.

Being in a state of ablution earns us the divine rewards of worship (Ibadah)

We earn divine rewards as if we were worshipping for each moment that we have ablution. So, if we pass away when we have ablution, we die worshipping, which means that we earn the divine reward of martyrdom. This is a priceless gift of God to us.

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