Undesirable Acts in the Performance of Ritual Prayer (Makruhat Al-Salat)

One should not forget that one is in front of God when performing a ritual prayer and should perform the prayer as our Prophet taught us. We should pay attention to wajib and Sunnah parts of a prayer since they complete the Fardhs. Abandoning the sunnah and wajib acts of a prayer is not welcomed in Islam and considered disliked (makruh). The main disliked acts that constitute abandoning the wajib and Sunnah parts of a prayer are:

1- Fiddling with one’s clothes or unnecessar-ily touching the body

2- Praying while one has a strong urge to go to the toilet

3- Praying alone in congregational prayer, when there is some space available in the row

4- Failing to place something as a barrier (sutrah) just beyond the place of prostra-tion if there is a probability that someone may pass in front of the worshipper.

5- Not reciting or reciting less than three times the tasbih of the positions of bowing and prostration.

6- Additional chapters that are recited after Surah al-Fatiha are recited in their order in the Quran. For example, if one is go-ing to recite Surah al- Kawthar and Surah al-Ikhlas, one recites the Surah al-Kawthar in the first rakah and Surah al-Ikhlas in the second rakah. Not paying attention to this order is makruh.

7- To pray towards someone facing you.

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